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We work in small teams, focused on shipping products in 4-6 week cycles. Our team members work from wherever they choose to live and we regularly get together in nice locations all over Europe for fun and a bit of work. Please note that we meet somewhere in Europe, so you should be within reasonable flight time from major European cities. He’s a fan of homemade products and is always searching for interesting recipes.

We are pioneers and have been since the early days of connectivity. Today, we are building teams that are expanding our technology solutions in the mobile, cloud, security, IT, and big data spaces, including software and consulting services. qa engineer это As Cisco delivers the network that powers the Internet, we are connecting the unconnected. Your revolutionary ideas will impact everything from retail, healthcare, and entertainment, to public and private sectors, and far beyond.

Collaborate with like-minded innovators in a fun and flexible culture that has earned Cisco global recognition as a Great Place To Work. With roughly 10 billion connected things in the world now and over 50 billion estimated in the future, your career has exponential possibilities at Cisco. ● Experience architecting, executing, and automating testing using Ruby or Python programming languages. Salt uses cookies to improve the user experience of our site.

Creating job alerts will help you keep up-to-date with the latest automation opportunities. You aren’t afraid of, and won’t grumble about, doing manual testing when it’s necessary but you always bias towards building automation where it’s appropriate. We believe that the people in the best teams push and enable each other to excel. We’re united when we have each other’s backs – when something goes wrong, we don’t blame, we work together to fix it. We embrace differences of opinion to end up with better outcomes.

He designs and develops intuitive and feature-rich user-friendly solutions. He is an expert MS SQL database administrator, QA engineer, documentation specialist, and English/Spanish translator. Goran is a talented computer programmer with 15 years of experience.

Product Development

Cookies allow you to have a more enhanced journey through the site when searching for a specific job or location. Cookies are also used to help us understand how our site is being used.You can find out more about how Salt uses cookies here. By continuing to use the Salt site you are consenting to use our cookies. Strike a balance between quality and short and long term delivery objectives through the application of appropriately scoped testing strategies, automatedly where appropriate.

Work closely with the delivery team to identify, capture reproduction steps for, rank and rectify quality issues. Where appropriate, identify and communicate workaround solutions. A 60 min call with our Platform Lead to get to know each other a bit and talk about tech stuff, processes qa engineer это and answer your questions about the job. For a remote company like us, it’s crucial to find the right people who can identify 100% with our company values and culture. So please don’t get intimidated by our multi-step recruiting process and bear with us until the end.

We build developer-friendly infrastructure that gives businesses the ability to create their own next-generation products without sacrificing time to market. We are well-funded with a large and growing number of enterprise and fintech clients. Previously, he was a tech lead at (acquired by PayPal) and a member of the PayPal/eBay development team in Boston. A common tool that automated testers use is selenium, which connects to a web browser and you control it with code instead of a mouse and keyboard. Taking the time to code out the interaction generally takes longer than it would take to manually do the pointing and clicking.

Whether it’s the people they work with, the company they work for, daily tasks or work-life balance, Software QAs and testers are generally satisfied with their lot. Identify bugs through systematic testing, help developers reproduce errors and verify defects are fixed. We’re a social enterprise enabling charities and their supporters (champions) to make beautiful fundraising events and campaign pages while saving them time by automating tax receipting and payment processing. Through our pages, customers are able to increase their ticket sales and donations by featuring engaging content, additional donation prompts, and upsell options throughout their event and campaign pages.

  • Software development organizations must nurture and grow full-stack QA engineers.
  • They believe some animosity is beneficial, because QA has to hold developers accountable for good quality, and developers need to pressure QA to not impede time to market with too many tests.
  • We are so used to this dynamic that some organizations have decided it’s a good thing.
  • QA Engineers are a part of our Customer Success team and ensure we deliver quality solutions during the entire development cycle of the project and that the product is implemented successfully for our customers.

But the amount of time it saves you in the future is enormous. Tests the development team write are designed to catch 90% of the most common problems that could come up to prevent back-and-forth with QA. The tests the QA team writes are more like the Castle Black that keeps the application safe from the white walkers. But, the fact of the matter is, developers who navigate codebases with 10,000 lines or more of code usually don’t fully understand the intricacies of what every single line in the application is doing.

Other technologies we use include Azure WebApps, WebJobs, Storage & SQL and our product is built in C# (.NET Core & Framework), ASP.NET, Angular and React. Any previous experience with these technologies would be an advantage, but it’s not a requirement for anyone who is happy to do some on-the-job, self-driven learning. We use C#, SpecFlow and Selenium for our automated test packs and, being an API-first company, experience with tools like Postman or Insomnia are very useful for day-to-day testing. You’ll also line-manage other members of our QA team (working in similar system areas) as well as creating, improving and managing our QA processes. This isn’t a full-time management role so you’ll need to be confident managing your own workload to balance your in-sprint responsibilities alongside supporting other QAs with theirs.

Once he stumbled upon a homemade beer recipe, tried it out, and shared the recipe with me. I researched the theoretical aspects and then made my first beer – and I liked it. From that moment on, I found myself immersed in this process.

He has extensive experience in dozens of programming languages and platforms, and is always striving to learn more. He is always on the lookout for new and exciting projects. The Internet of Everything is a phenomenon driving new opportunities for Cisco and it’s transforming our customers’ businesses worldwide.

A New Day For Features Testing

A good QA can readily identify requirements and scope out relevant negative/positive scenarios at every stage of the process. It’s your ability to envision the unanticipated curveballs that make you a great QA. Your creative approach to devising the niche-but-possible scenarios capable of undermining even the best developed systems will set you apart from the herd. Test outside the boundaries, help create better products.

Finding fault is all well and good; delivering clear, actionable insight takes skill. Good QAs recognise the importance of detailed, specific information into the precise nature of a flaw, including details on how it can be reproduced.

More really is more here – rather over deliver than leave senior QAs or developers continually coming back with questions. Never assume that developers or product managers will be familiar with the terms and phrases you use to describe issues – spell it out, be clear or have a frustrating work life.

Master Vim For Python Development

And developers usually build out features that allow customer service, account managers, and other non-technical team members to change the state of users’ accounts. Companies have design and user experience teams who understand how real users on the platform interact with it. Companies have teams of salesmen who are busy selling features for their product (sometimes that aren’t built yet). When a tester is testing a new feature, they’ll usually first manually test the feature and verify that it’s working as specified.