How do I emulate Nintendo 3DS Games on Android

Looking for an 3DS emulator available for Android? Here are the top applications to choose, plus directions on how to start playing.

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Emulation offers an accessible and cost-effective way to play older games that can be difficult to obtain these days. The Android phone can be equipped to emulate most hand-held and consoles for home use up to the fifth generation of consoles However, even Nintendo’s latest handhelds can be played on modern smartphones.

Let’s talk about how to set up and use a Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Android phone.

The Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator on Android

The first step is choosing an emulator, naturally. There’s a wide range of options, but the distinctions between the top of these are dependent on your preference.

Citra and RetroArch have been widely acknowledged as the top 3DS emulators. Both are open source and are available on the majority of platforms.

RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch can emulate a plethora of consoles, that includes the 3DS, Wii, Wii U, GameBoy, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more. This is because RetroArch is a type of hubthat consists of many emulators which are built to run on various link website

It’s available on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS–however it’s also capable of running on some consoles, such as the GameCube. RetroArch provides a complete list of platforms supported by way of its web page. For more information about the flexibility of its configuration, our RetroArch Windows installation guide dives into its extensive configuration options.

Citra Emulator

Citra was the first emulator with 3DS capabilities, created for PC. The emulator is available now on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. The Citra team has an amazing game compatibility checklist that lists supported games on an array of “not tested” as high as “perfect” to ensure users are aware of the progress made in the compatibility testing of a game.

Although RetroArch has the advantage of greater availability and a variety of compatible platforms, we’ll use the 3DS-focused Citra for this review. A Citra team has provided regular and steady support throughout time, and the Android app has been optimized to perfection. It even includes gamepad support!

Warning! Regarding ROMs

It is our duty for you to be aware that obtaining ROMs via any method other than ripping them off cartridges or discs you own is unlawful. You may only rip ROMs wholly for your own usage, and not for distribution as well as from games you own. Nintendo is especially strict regarding hosting and downloading of their ROMs to ensure your safety, so be mindful.

But, as long as you’re not selling ROMs however, you’re basically safe from legal issues. When downloading ROMs from databases online Make sure the source is reliable and that the files are safe prior to downloading. These ROMs are not EXE files and are not going to ask for additional access to your device.

How to Setup and use Citra for Your Android Phone

Once you’ve downloaded Citra using Your Android mobile, you’re only few steps away from playing your most loved 3DS games.

Set Up Your Games for Emulation

Before launching the app, you’ll want your game files stored in a suitable folder on your Android device. It’s even possible to create a folder titled something like 3DS Games as well as Citra Games.

The setup doesn’t have to be done prior to the launch of the app but it can make your first setup easier–upon the initial launch of Citra You’ll be asked to select which folder which your games will run from. You can change this at any moment by tapping an icon of the folder at the upper-right corner.

Games on the Nintendo 3DS use a CIA extension, but they have to be decrypted before use–this extracted files will be using that 3DS extension. You can extract the files through a tool such as WinZip, but Citra lets you extract a 3DS file using CIA from the app’s home screen. Simply click the file icon and then select Install CIA and select to download the CIA file from your downloads. The rest is easy.

How to Play Games on Citra

With a small collection of 3DS games in the pipeline so you can begin playing.

  1. Start Citra and then agree to the permissions. The game may ask for microphone access. is intended for DS games that require a microphone for gameplay purposes.
  2. Select the games folder that you had previously prepared, then choose this directory.
  3. Once the directory that contains decrypted games is chosen, the home screen will list all your games and will be accompanied by an icon.
  4. Press the game of preference to launch it. A small loading box will show up while the emulator loads the necessary shaders. Once this is done, you’re ready to go.

It’s the Best 3DS Emulator for Android

While testing Citra We picked two games in their compatibility chart, New Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as Resident Evil Revelations. The first one was marked “great” while the latter was labeled “bad” by the compatibility list. We discovered the Super Mario offered an overall satisfying experience, with the exception of occasional stutters. Resident Evil, on the other hand, had some texture and model mistakes, and an unintentional crash.

There is no doubt that Citra is a wonderful way to enjoy compatible games, and the team’s determination assures us that they’ll not stop expanding and improve on the available compatible games. Citra is an easy recommendation–perhaps the best way to emulate 3DS games.


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